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Default Bi-Curious Couple

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I are new to the polyamory scene, although we have always been very good about wanting the other person to feel like they are free. We both came from very controlling relationships with abusive people and decided when we met that we would never treat one another like property. We're very encouraging and supportive when the other person gets compliments and we even think it's cute when someone has a crush or flirts. With the nature of our relationship, it has also been a safe place for us to really talk about and come to terms with our sexuality. We're both bi.

With that in mind, I guess our biggest question in looking for resources/a community is that we have no idea where to start. Both bisexuality and polyamory are misunderstood a lot and we have no idea how to go about talking to other people without getting judged. We're not swingers looking for casual sex. We don't have any relationship issues. We're just poking out heads out of the closet and wondering if there are any other like minded couples out there. There must be. How in the heck would even know how to find them? (We're basically in the Pacific Northwest's version of the bible belt.)

Any advice?
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