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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
One of my co workers today was bragging about how he and his wife (together for 10 years) cannot sleep when they're apart.

Besides the fact that that sounds very unpractical to me (not just from a poly POV - but what if someone has to go to hospital? visit a relative? gets stuck in traffic? etc..) it also sounds, to me, unhealthy.. in any kind of relationship, mono or poly, and really not something to be proud of or something that 'proves' how much people love each other.

Things like that remind me how free I've always been and felt in my marriage. We had a separate social life long before we even thought of poly. Went on trips with friends instead of each other. Spent most of our evenings at home in different rooms because we have very different hobbies. Maybe that has made the transition much easier?
If you have a particular routine of doing things, changing that routine can take some getting used to.

I have a strange pattern of sleeping myself, but the routine that is being alone, and in my particular bed, I'm very used to. So being in another bed, and/or having someone else cuddled up with me, it takes getting used to. and again when I've gotten used to that, and then gone back to usual.

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