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I feel really supported at the moment. I recently had an event that was important to me, and rory, Evan and Hank were all there! That made me really happy. And I'm also glad that I'm beginning to feel very natural about my poly situation and don't really care that much anymore what people think. At the event I was affectionate with all three and didn't even look around to see if we got weird looks. I feel I've come a long way with this. And then something very interesting happened: one of the people there (who I'm somewhat friends with, not very close though) said that I'm an inspiration to him for being so open about being different. Aaaw! Also, quite recently my uncle, who I haven't talked to in a long time, started chatting with me on facebook. He asked about my relationships (in plural) and when I responded that I'm really happy with these three people, he congratulated me and said he respects me, he thinks I'm brave and he wanted me to know he'll always be on my side. Support, so much support!
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