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Default living is dancing

Hi. I'm known as pre. I am single. I was raised religious yet also raised to question definitions. I'm philosophical. I believe we all are. Whether or not you can articulate what your life philosophies are, you and I both have very definite rules, morals, etc. that we live life by. Whether we articulate it is not necessary ... but articulating it, conceptualizing it, allows us to take more active control of our own lives.

I hope I don't seem overbearing. My heart is brimming. I live a relatively solitary life after the raucous excitement of college. My eye is always trained on the sight of beauty, where ever it may be, how ever it may present itself. People are beautiful.

I have not been in any polyamorous relationships but I am confident that I am polyamorous. Monogamy is jealousy, is a claim of exclusivity on someone's mind, on someone's ability to feel compassion.... no such thing as compassion should be limited or controlled. I love many different people.

As I concurrently studied buddhist notions and read about polyamory for the past year, I feel there was a strangely pertinent line of thought that tied the two together. In rejecting samsara, and in espousing non-attachment, how can monogamy co-exist? The perils of monogamy are nothing but samsaric attachment. In polyamory it is possible to love, and let love, with no unhealthy attachments to the process of loving, no necessary aspects of control over your lover, etc. etc.

I love life. I love philosophy. I am really glad I searched polyamory and forums and found this site! feel free to contact me. Also, I'm in the upstate ny area.

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