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Just wanted to let you guys know, things have been going really well. The NRE is calming down, which is obviously making things easier for me. H and I are communicating better and our relationship has improved a lot. I think I am better at dealing with her moodiness because of this, its affecting me much less strongly now that I feel our connection is firmer, that she doesnt resent me, etc. We also got a bigger bed recently, that has relieved some tension as well.

Things are about to change again as the baby is due in less than a month, hopefully the strength we have been building will help us manage the combined stress of a newborn andkeeping our triad healthy and happy.
I am still having some trust issues related to safe sex, but they have kept their word, been using protection, so that trust is slowly rebuilding. All in all, everything is going super well. Yay!
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