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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
Not at all a silly thing. In fact, talking about love for non-humans and worries over death seems very appropriate here. It's mostly what I've been talking about this year.

I don't think you're putting a downer on things so I don't think there is anything to fix.

Good to hear from you, Somegeezer.

In that case, I could add more.

A fair few pets from my childhood, that I remember. 2 cats I had. Brothers. One named Kat [original!] and the other, Tyke [2 meanings in English slang. 1) Child, 2) Someone from Yorkshire].

Some time when I was incredibly young. 5 or under, most certainly. Kat was run over. Came home badly injured, and died through the night. Tyke, only months after, let outside one night, and had presumeably run off. =[

On a slightly more happy note, a dog I had for many years, Shauna, a border collie. She had to move away when I moved to this house, I believe. She was pretty old then as it was. Been in my family longer than I was at the time, I think. But it was sad to see her go. She went to a new home with an owner who had her own golden retriever. So I like to imagine she had a friend to play with for a while in her last few years. =]

My current and only pet, is my cat Mitzie. I think she loves me most in the house, because I give her all the attention. She's always trying to sneak into my room, to steal my bed.
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