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I have a few posts on the site explaining is the gist

boy meets girl
girls hits on boy
boy mentions wife
couple meets girl
girl likes couple...
couple and girl hang out...lots of fun ensues
girl...hmmm...she says she became uncomfortable (without any warning or pretense)
learning and mistakes made, lots of fun while it happened.
we...fall in love...she does not
she is mature and smart enough to be able to keep it as friends
we are in the middle of adapting to said friendship

my wife and I are at different stages of this adaptation. I am taking it the hardest, my wife, who is good with casual sex (which is not what this was, but she is capable of adapting it to that better than me), is putting her into that box. My wife and her get along fabulously...and she is trying with me...she wants to know so many intimate details of me, but this throws me further into confusion. My life has been simplish until now


She is asking me to blur the give her everything I give my lover emotionally, yet remain friends...without sex.

My brain, heart and body just ache...

I know my boxes are more strict than most, and I am working on that, but I am having a difficult time moving her from lovers to friendship only...

I hope that makes sense...


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