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Thanks all. Appreciate the time!

I'm trying to avoid OKC as it leaves 'proof' of being poly/open, and we're trying to stay discreet. I've had luck on there in the past when I was single, though, so I may have to re-open that conversation.

As for sexual repression: i grew up in a 'All men want is sex. they're such pigs' environment. That, followed up by two relationships in my formative years where girls would control my sexuality, led to me not being connected to my sexual side. Example: gf found out i watched porn, and tried to commit suicide.

I absolutely do need to work on accepting my sexuality. No idea how, really, but I'm trying.

I'm 34, btw, and of slightly above attractiveness. I'm definitely more 'handsome' than 'sexy' and I tend to keep my conversations PG with almost everyone i meet, to avoid creeping people out. (see? repressed).

Lots to work on i think...
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