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You can always ASK. Making a request, or making a person aware of things is communicating what's going on with you. Nobody is a mind reader. They cannot know unless you disclose.

Expecting fulfillment JUST because you say? The other person is not allowed to say "No thank you?" without you holding it against them somehow or acting out at them? That's is not asking. That's demanding and it is fresh.

The person may not be willing, able, or interested in meeting your request. They have free will.

I think "self-full" is the balanced place in between selfish (all about me at your expense) and selfless. (all about you at my expense).

The place where I can meet both my own reasonable needs, and your reasonable needs. And vice versa. People do the things for each other because they are willing and want to, not because it comes out of their hide.

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