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Originally Posted by NutBusterX View Post
Moving to another, more tolerant place or even dating in a separate place from where a person lives is one set of solutions. I'm sure they're workable and effective for quite many people.

Nance and I live in a place full of religion, hypocracy, and closed-minded-cookie-cutter monogamy minded people ... I personally don't subscribe to the policy of people outside of my house having much control or influence over the choices made inside my house or the people who live there. People will talk. Who gives a shit?
Nutbuster, you missed where she said,

our relationship is kept very lo key because we live in a small religious community that his wife's whole family lives in and she doesn't want anyone to know the situation.
Ahem. That is why I recommended she move. Her bf's wife is no Nomad.

I made the comment about living in a more liberal state, as well, because even if you prefer being out and proud and supposedly not caring what people think of you, it just stands to reason one can make more friends in a state where it's easier to be alternative, and where the first question people ask you upon meeting is not, what church do you go to?
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