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Default Breath of fresh air!

I loved reading your introduction! I have been somewhat lurking and reading as I am really dealing with "real life" issues before trying to embrace a lifestyle that could possibly ruin the relationship I am in. Dabbling is dangerous I have learned so I am inspired by your postings to try and delve a little bit more confidently. My partner, I feel, is somewhat reluctant to even give the poly lifestyle a second look, but I am trying to be true to who I know I am. Perhaps it is just a learning curve on her part?

I love your Facebook want... "artist". Personally I do not have an account nor do I care for much social networking except for professional ones such as LinkdIn (I own and operate 2 businesses).

Would love to write more and get to know you more, the long distance between us of course implies that that is all I am able to do, but I would love to glean wisdom, information, and possibly insight to polyarmoy and what you know it to be.

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