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Default Searchwords on OKCupid

It is definitely a women's game on-line, but that doesn't mean that you won't make connections, just that it's harder, as competition is intense on-line.

You can go to poly events in your community - chances are there is a discussion/social group, or online group nearby.

You can search specific words on OKCupid - I use words like 'poly' 'polyamorous' 'non-monogamous' 'open' and get lots of results.

I helped my husband write his OKCupid profile, and give him tips to get him noticed online. I chose his pictures, and made sure that he had a "female friendly" page that has been generating a fair amount of interest, as well as some actual first contact emails.

Keep on looking, and don't give up hope - your special lady/ladies are out there.
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