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Monday went well, but we had some technology issues. So the sexual part wasn't as fun as we would have liked. On the plus side for me, she really took some time to do things that really turn me on. I was very appreciative.

However that night caused a setback with K. She had trouble sleeping. She says it had nothing to do with T, but that I just wasn't in bed. This caused her to rethink my meeting with T in July, as being in a hotel room is going to compound the issue. Previously, we had negotiated into being back before the kids awoke, but now she's like me back before 2am. I can understand her point of view. I'm sad T and I will not get to fall asleep together, but I was getting nervous about that anyway. The sexual tension would have been extreme.

This hasn't changed any later in the year plans. K is still ok with me visiting T again and with no boundaries. T and I have tentative plans.

In other news, we had a big potential drama situation in our online world. One of T's intimate friends joined T and I (along with one of his exes, and two of our friends) in a public room last night. T immediately stopped couple dancing with me. This is the second time in 10 days. That, by itself, doesn't bother me. However, I had to tell her that I have no interest in pretending not to love her. If they are going to join our rooms, and I can't be myself, I'm going to find something else to do. I pretended not to be interested, and I hid our relationship for too long. Having it out in the open has been fun and I have no interest in going back to that. She loved hearing it and feels awful that she's causing me that stress, but isn't sure how she can deal with the risk of losing her other men. (Stop getting involved with people want exclusive!)

We haven't had an opportunity to talk about it for long though. Work is busy for both of us right now.
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