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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Thanks for posting & keeping up with this blog. I really enjoy your perspective. I liked what you had to say about having multiple dogs vs. having an "only" dog, and how you can think about multiple romantic relationships with humans in a similar way.
Thank you.

But my friend got right back into dating--and not casual dating, but dating with the specific intent to find another serious live-in partner.
It is really interesting, isn't it - how some people are able to keep going and others need time to process. An ex and I were together for 10 years. Formative years for us - we bought our first homes together, graduated, got our first cars, serious jobs, pets. Shared loads and loads.

When we split up, he had a new serious girlfriend within a few months (he is married to her now and they have a child together). As much as I couldn't understand why he would want to do so, I was supportive of his new relationship - I didn't want him to be lonely and sad.

Things were completely different for me. I did grieve for a while but then was exploring other things and wasn't keen to get back into a romantic relationship. I find them immensely time and energy consuming - this isn't a criticism - I think that any serious long term relationship is worthy of time and effort if you do them right. It's just that at the time, I had other things I wanted to spend my time and energy on.

I for sure need time to think and process and maybe explore other things - at least that's the way it's been for me so far in life.

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