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Exciting things in our world. We're moving in about a week. It will put us closer to my family and give us a new start in a new town. We're all pretty excited. The goal is to get Pixi moved up there in a few months.

And my brother and his family are coming in tomorrow. We're introducing them to Pixi. She's nervous and I'm excited. I haven't had a metamour I felt comfortable introducing to the family so this is pretty big for us. Especially meeting the kids. I didn't want them to meet someone who wouldn't be around or wouldn't be safe for them to know.

Even though they are mono and it's against their beliefs, they have never looked down us or talked poorly about our way of life. When we first told them, their only concern was that it was really something I wanted. When we assured them that it was, they were fully on board. Their only request has been for Pixi and Karma to not be physical in front of the kids. My ever observant 4 yr old niece would no doubt be asking why Uncle Karma is kissing someone else and she's not quite old enough for that talk. Karma and Pixi were both fully understanding and okay with that, and it just further assured me that this is the right thing.

Looking forward to a few days with the family and new beginnings.
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