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Thank you all for your advise! Just hearing these things has calmed me a bit. I don't have a lot of people in my life who I can talk to who understand Poly dating, so this has been helpful already! I do feel like it is lucky I am young and have time for these dramas now. I also feel like you may be right when you say that staying with my Primary will stop me from having some of the experiences/meeting and being with some of the people I want while I'm young. So maybe its best that he broke up with me. Although, I feel like he didn't do it with the purpose of actually breaking up. I feel like he did it so that I would realize the severity of the situation and leave C and run back to him saying "I'm sorry I ever did that!!!". But thats not going to happen, because I don't know how to just stop loving someone. Also, Thank you for the link to tackling grief. I'm going to need that no matter what!

And yeah, I was really mad that he considered my transgender crush to be a man. I feel thats small minded and quite offensive. But the bottom line was that she still had a penis, so he didn't want me being with her. As small minded as it was, there was nothing I could say to make him feel differently. :C

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