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Default that type of crap can destroy you

And even if it doesn't you might one day wake up and realize you hate the person you had to become in order for it not to destroy you.

Speak up, and tell them how fucked up it is to exhibit those subtle mannerisms, or I guess the most effective way would be to inform them how hurtful it felt to you. The worst types of relationships occur when it's denied and allowed to continue.

There is a chance that their sense of humor is demented, either way if it wasn't malicious they need to know. After that if they don't curb that kind of crap You need to be wise enough to know it is a damaging situation, that is, if that's how you really feel and only you can know that. But I am a firm believer that people who knowingly lie, their ability to recognize truth in reality does get altered. People who knowingly lie are the types of people who live their entire life and after they die they still don't really know who they are, as I see it anyways, you can't really understand the truth of anything if you have no respect for the truth. It's quite possibly THE best way to end up feeling miserable about life.

There are few situations when lying may be necessary (unfortunately most societies are still diseased by hateful enforcement of ludacris traditions) but hopefully not for too much longer and I personally believe that children can handle the truth and it's the adults that cannot.

I hate to break it to you, but children usually inherently know what is going on, and unless you are having sex with the children as an audience, being affectionate towards your partner is healthy. Hugs, smooches, embracing, all that is very much part of a healthy relationship and shouldn't be hidden from children (at least not innocent forms of it) All of bullshit stories about loving more than one person effecting children negatively, are false. Children are damaged by bigots of a community and their behavior of unrecognized and denied hatred, not and never from healthy, age appropriate ways of witnessing love.

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