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Yesterday was a brand new kind of day. It was great from start to finish. It has been awhile since I could say that.

We both had to work, but we had breakfast with our children before we left to start our respective days. Before he left, he kissed me. It felt different from any other kisses that we have shared. It put a little pep in my step.

Work was work. Hectic as usual. I am have put more breaks in to prevent myself from burning out. Those 5-10 minute breathers allow me to catch my breath before sprinting to the next task. I am significantly less stressed out with the new changes that have been implemented. Matt was texting me on/off all day. It was nice to check my phone and see messages from him.

I got home at a pretty decent time. 6:30 is a decent time in my world. I am not one to complain about minimal OT. Matt was already home and working on dinner. I took a bubble bath before coming into contact with him and our children. I put on one of his t-shirts and some shirts and headed into my son's nursery. I love when he reaches for me and just wants to be close to me. My baby's almost 1. He is growing up so fast. We went into my daughter's room. She was drawing and listening to some show on Disney. I talked to her about her day and what she did. She had quite a bit to say. I always enjoy talking to her. It brightens my day.

Duckie #2 and I talked to Matt while he was cooking. He said he did not need any help, but we kept him company. We sat down a little after 7. I like that we are committed to eating dinner together every night. After dinner, we spent time with our children and had an unplanned family night. We went bowling. We were home by 9:30, and it was time to get them ready for bed. Matt gave our son a bath and got him ready for bed. I got our daughter ready for bed, braided her hair, and read her a bedtime story. My son had a bottle before he went to sleep. He was in a playful mood, but he snuggled up against Matt and went to sleep. I love those moments more than anything in the world. Being a mum is easily the greatest adventure and journey I could ever be part of.

Matt and I left around 10:15 for our date night. We went to the Lucky Voice, which is a karaoke bar not too far from our home. We were there for two hours. After, we went to this Italian bakery and had passionfruit cheesecake and gelato. It was an interesting mix, but we got to chat. We headed home after we finished our late night dessert. I helped Matt pack for his trip, and we talked. We capped the night with some sexy time. He went to sleep after, and I stayed up for a bit to work on my thesis and update here.

I am happy that our day to day life is getting back to normal. It is nice not to be in the presence of chaos right now. It was wonderful to have an argument free day. I would love for us to continue on this much healthier and happier path. Days like yesterday should happen all the time, and we might have found the missing piece to the puzzle to calm things down. Arguing over the same thing? That was unhealthy. Compromising and agreeing to move forward? That is healthy.

Our communication is 10 times better than what it was before. We talk about everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I am finally seeing that transparency is a necessary evil to help me earn my husband's trust back. He has more faith in me than I have in myself.

I am off to read a few threads. I am off today, but I am still going to do some work from the house. Since Matt will be out of the country, I am going to utilise this time and bond with the little duckies.

I have never been a fan of talking about myself, so I inevitably run out of words. My life is really not that interesting when all is calm.
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