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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
It reminded me of how I'm always surprised when people who lose a dog (when the dog dies, I mean) go out and get a new dog right away. I'm not like that--I need a long time to grieve for the old dog without "replacing" it. Yet, people who get a new dog quickly aren't really wrong nor are they doing something bad--they have love to give to a new dog, and having the new dog helps them recover from their sadness over the old dog. Maybe I dwell on things too much and grieve too much.
Very sorry if this is a silly thing to say on your personal blog, IP...

But to reply to Meera, I am dreading the day my cat dies.
Although more dog person than cat person, I've had her since I was a kid. Always love having her curl up and fall asleep on me. But it's saddening to think about. >__<

Could not imagine just going and replacing someone who has been in your life for so long, and having made such a close bond with. So some do, and it is who they are. I just don't personally understand it.

I'm still feeling shitty from my first closely bonded relationship with a human.

Yay me, putting a downer on things! How do I fix that?
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