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Oh heaven forbid if we don't pat you on the head and tell you what you want to hear.

OP you want advice what to do in your situation, here is mine.

Go home or move out.. Get yourself together... Become self sufficient and stop being a mooch off this family. Right now you bring nothing positive to this family. Then revisit the relationship. I bet you would view it differently. Relationships are about give and take. You just seem to want to take. I have heard nothing from you concerned about anyone but yourself. Not the wife whose life you have most likely turned up side down. How about those poor children? You are affecting them too and in my opinion anyone who puts their needs above young children is a selfish narcissist.

OP you have no idea who I am and what my life's journey has been like. We are all individuals.. If quite a few of us keep giving you similar feed back that should be a huge clue.
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