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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post

A week ago, Art let me know he does not have a car and indicated he'd like me to drive the 50 miles to Providence to see him! Ack! Not really what I am needing to be doing now, driving all that way for a new partner when I just moved to be WITH miss p full time and much CLOSER to Ginger! Darn it! I was sure Art was getting back in touch because he now had a car and would come to me! Oh well, maybe some day he'll get a car. I still feel we are a good match, relationship-wise.
As a lifelong Rhode Islander, I feel the need to point out that Providence is a city in which one really has to have a car in order to live functionally. I don't want to rain on your parade, but I'm afraid there might be something really wrong with a guy who lives in Providence but doesn't have a car.

Oh, wait...I read back a few posts, and noticed that Art is only 24 and just out of college. (Sorry, forgot you like 'em young!) I guess that's okay then.

But still, don't get roped into doing all that driving. I've been driving between Providence, western RI, Worcester, the Boston area, and now southern RI for the past 8 years (mostly because of various jobs, sometimes because of various men), and it gets wearisome.

Seriously, the kid needs to get a car.

Love your blog, by the way, Mags. Fun and inspiring!
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