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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I think that's a great way of approaching it - I have friends with whom I have some interests in common, and not others - I do those things with them that we have in common and they can do the other things they enjoy without me.

If the topic of conversation starts to be limited to those activities, of course, or if I feel pressured to do those things, then that may change how I feel.

Great conversation guys!

Love your input Mono.

I agree wholeheartedly.

We have a "bikers group" where we live-in fact there is a "state" group, there are "city" groups, in the "city" group where we live there is are a lot of "little groups".

When it's a safety topic-(often do rides to support topics around here) everyone who can shows up for sure-because ALL of the bikers have the issue of needing other motorists to BE AWARE of us.

But when they do the yearly "bike blessing" in Palmer not everyone shows up (I never went) AND people from other parts of the state DO show up.

When they have a Harley ride-well duh-the Harley riders show up!

There are groups of people who prefer cruisers, groups who prefer "crotch rockets" (me). BUT even within those smaller groups-there are "mini groups" by age, gender (everyone notices when a group of ladies goes out), people who work together etc.

And yet-when we ride, EVERYONE does the "one hand out and down" wave to EVERY other biker they see on the road no matter what (ok, exception, brand new riders tend not to, but they learn fast) because though we differ greatly in many areas-we recognise we still have riding on the roads in common.

Same with relationships.
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