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Thank you nycindie

I agree. We are no where near being ready for this. We are still communicating and working out kinks and figuring out what works for us. Its just nice that we have this open line of communication and we arent afraid to tell each other how we feel about it openly and honestly without the other person feeling hurt or that they did something wrong to make the other feel this way. I cant say when we would be ready to open our relationship up to anyone else. Only time will tell with that, but before that were to ever happen I want my husband and I to be on the same page with everything. I know feelings will arise, and we need to be prepared for that. For the time being we agree'd to let things sit for a week and let us mentally wrap our heads around what we have talked about and then come back together and talk about how we feel about it again.

As far as our relationship, we're going out the two of us on friday to spend quality time together Maybe talk a bit more if the mood arises over dinner.
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