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To me it sounds like HE was the cowboy. Herded her off her family people while she was all NRE drunk on him and besotted and running away from the exhusband.

Tis neither here nor there. The past that led to this crux is past -- the question is what is the NEXT future to be? Stay in this less rollercoaster polyship? Or leave it?

Since she titles the original thing as wanting to STOP polyshipping like this? I perceive this to be about her coming to accept that it really doesn't work here, he's really not going to put more "work" into it other than smoothie talkin' whatevers. All talk, no show.

So supporting her in her process to arrive at "final acceptance" so she can move on to her next future.

If anything, could consider trying OUT a baby step "leaving" to see if that feels better. Go home stateside for a visit and get away from the noisy crazy for a time out.


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