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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
"youse guys" is not correct. That's how they say in New Jersey. The correct expression is "you's" because it's SHORT for "you guys". The "guy" is replaced by the apostrophe, giving the contraction "you[guy](')s". There is no such word as "youse", there is no "e" in "you" or "guys", and saying "guys" is redundant and defeats the purpose of having a contraction.

"youse guys" is like saying "youlle all" in Texas.
Don't know how they say it in Beantown, but I grew up in NJ and can definitely confirm that most native New Jerseyans DO indeed say (and sometimes even write, egad) "youse guys" or just ya's (pronounced "yuhz") for short (as in, "Hey, whadda ya's up to?"). "You's" or "youse," with a long u sound, doesn't sound right to us without the "guys" added, but ya's or "yuhz" is used by itself. HOWEVER no one I ever knew in my life ever, ever EVER pronounced Jersey as Joizey. That irritates us even more than asking "what exit?" when we say we're from the Garden State. It's actually pronounced more like "Juzzy." Oh, and Jersey City is really one word: "Juzzcity."
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