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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Can't he take a bus or rent a car? Sheesh, a little independence would be so attractive, right?
Well, I did suggest that, and he acknowledged it, but then reiterated he'd be "happy to host."
BTW, lovely to hear about the beautiful woods and fresh green air behind your new house. It sounds great. It will be a process to settle in, but it seems you're both doing fine.
Thanks! We are doing well. Miss P has some separation anxiety issues around leaving her apartment but she will deal with it. She's come a long way psychologically in the past four years!

Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
Congrats on the new home.
Thanks, Ry! It's so much more peaceful and relaxing here, but we are only 40 mins from Boston if we need or want to go.

Kudos to Ginger for being understanding. He is contributing and helping to make your house into a home.
Yes. He's not a man to be vocally effusive in his love, but would rather show it with acts of service, and right now, that is just what is needed.

I am envious of the fresh air and open space that you just described.
Maybe you'll get some of that in Australia.

Well, the thing with Art is good because he is a match relationship-wise. The car thing can be worked out in time. Maybe he lives close to everything and has no need for one. Either way it goes, I hope it works out for you both.
Yeah... he's a singer songwriter, actor, puppeteer, Renn Faire sort of guy, and doesn't have much money. I know he's got a gf who is splitting from her husband, but she also has a Dom, and Art says he has a few playpartners... maybe one day I will become one of those. He seems like such a nice guy, horny, kinky, cuddly, sincere, smart.
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