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Hi all,

New to the community and to the lifestyle. In need of some support, big time.

My gf & I are non-monogamous (committed, living together but not engaged yet). She's bi, I'm straight. She's younger and very attractive, I'm a bit older and slightly above average looks.

She's naturally very flirty, so with that, her youth and looks, she has no problem finding other people to date/play with.

I, on the other hand, am experiencing a LOT of rejection. I've been sexually repressed for along time, so my sexuality doesn't come out very naturally. If I'm lucky enough to get a date with someone, I usually get the 'Hey, i support what you're doing, but getting involved with someone who's non-monogamous isn't something I'm into.' A part of me understands that not everyone will be accepting, but a bigger part of me thinks this is just an excuse to reject me because they're just not interested. In short, I feel like I've lost my mojo entirely, and that even thought I have 'limitless options,' nobody is interested.

I'd like to hear from everyone, and especially the guys, on how to date while in a committed relationship. My partner and I aren't public about our relationship, so I'm wondering if there are any tips/thoughts on how and when to bring up the fact that you're open to someone you're interested in.

I know I'm rambling now, and I know that my first post is coming across as pretty needy. I promise to contribute more as I get more involved in the community, but right now, I just need help.
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