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Nyc-I will have to look when I am on my laptop. I know I pulled from there, but it was over a year ago or more.

Dinged-I'm not going to get into it with you. Nothing personal, but knowing the history-we've already discussed the topic in pm and I know that your points are well thought out and good for the BDSM curious crowd to seriously consider-and you know that my attitude towards BDSM differs greatly from "the norm".

As for the slave who died-that's just something I can't even imagine standing back and allowing as a person. I don't give a shit what lifestyle a person leads, when a life is on the line-it all goes out the window IMPO. Parents who don't believe in medical care for religious reasons, Masters/Doms who say no to medical care-all can just FUCK OFF.

I have a M/s relationship. I can't even IMAGINE. Taking the responsibility of M or D means taking the RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CARE AND WELL BEING of another person-much like a parent. It does not mean having the freedom to abuse them or stop them from getting their physical, mental, emotional, psychological, medical etc needs met. It means ENSURING that they get those met.
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