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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
A week ago, Art let me know he does not have a car and indicated he'd like me to drive the 50 miles to Providence to see him! Ack! Not really what I am needing to be doing now, driving all that way for a new partner when I just moved to be WITH miss p full time and much CLOSER to Ginger! Darn it! I was sure Art was getting back in touch because he now had a car and would come to me! Oh well, maybe some day he'll get a car. I still feel we are a good match, relationship-wise.
Can't he take a bus or rent a car? Sheesh, a little independence would be so attractive, right?

BTW, lovely to hear about the beautiful woods and fresh green air behind your new house. It sounds great. It will be a process to settle in, but it seems you're both doing fine.
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