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Time for an update. I've been in my new house now for a week and a half! miss p and I love it here so much. We have been going between unpacking and organizing, to catching up on sleep, sex and nutrition (shopping and cooking for ourselves instead of takeout during the move).

Ginger has visited 3 times, and I am going to see him again tomorrow. I've been chatting him less on IM lately because of the work of unpacking and getting to know the neighborhood etc., and feel bad to have been neglecting him, but he is perfectly understanding. Things are just so complicated til we get more settled. I'm glad we are managing face to face dates more though! Since that was the point!

On his visits he's been helping us with things like hanging a new light fixture in the kitchen and other things needing upper body strength.

Today I am bringing miss p to her apartment so she can start packing up her stuff in earnest. She's brought a few things here, but needs to pack for the actual big move. She is going to stay there a few days, and I will come back here to take care of the dog and keep unpacking.

We've seen deer, turkeys, and other wildlife. The 5000 acres of woods just out back really seems to make our air quality quite fresh here. A bonus we didn't expect!

A week ago, Art let me know he does not have a car and indicated he'd like me to drive the 50 miles to Providence to see him! Ack! Not really what I am needing to be doing now, driving all that way for a new partner when I just moved to be WITH miss p full time and much CLOSER to Ginger! Darn it! I was sure Art was getting back in touch because he now had a car and would come to me! Oh well, maybe some day he'll get a car. I still feel we are a good match, relationship-wise.
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