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Haha, god. I did a complete overshare today at work. Had an out of town trip with a colleague, and on the way home she started chatting about her boyfriend. It was great til she asked me if I had a boyfriend...

I started off ok. I said "hmm. My lovelife is complex."

And then I tried to explain further...

Shit, this was so much simpler when it was just Ocean and Grotto. Now I seriously sound like a whore. Which is not a bad thing but also doesn't feel quite correct... I love the sex but it's really not about the sex for me (well, not always!) Maybe I'm a lovewhore. Or an intimacywhore.

I wish I had better words to say what I want to say about my romantic relationships. Though I think the issue was more that she didn't have the words for it. It was something she'd never come across before. Her first reaction was "well, that's not something you hear every day."

I like her, and I hope that I didn't belittle her (?) in some way. Like, make out as if I'm this special person and she's just ordinary. Don't think I did though.

Sometimes I wish I could just share this stuff and it would be an ordinary thing. Like talking about how many brothers and sisters you have.

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