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Hi, JayT.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Try not to let the negative people stop you from posting. For the most part we are all pretty decent. If you have a problem with someone's responses on your post, you can report them and have them removed. The moderators are really good about that.

I would love to live in the country, have a farm, and like lots of land. My husband thinks I would not survive five minutes. I tried to milk a cow once at my friend's farm, and I cringed the whole time. I am soft as cotton.

As far as children, I can understand that. There are plenty of women in the world who are probably feeling broody and wanting exactly what you described.

I am following your journey, and I hope it all works out for you! Sending hugs your way, and we are all here if you ever just want to talk or vent.

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