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C had a date with Molly last night, and it was the first time since he started seeing her, that it did not make me feel anxious/ jealous/scared.
I was glad he told me about it.

When I saw him this weekend, he told me that she had spent the previous weekend withhim. At the time I did not know that, and I had sent him some messages and pics I definitely would not have sent, had I known she was with him.

I did wonder why his responses were brief. It is SO much nicer to KNOW. So when he told me "I'm seeing Molly on Tuesday" I said I really liked that he told me.

I did not think about it much last night. We had some brief communications this morning, mostly practical, about a weekend we're planning together.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm finally getting to that place where I can let go?
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