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Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
7) all of the above are important to me. But not to him. Should they be?

It's just who he is. Some people are naturally forgetful. Some people have terrible sense of time, only to remember when it is too late. Some people just do not find such things important enough in life, to give them time.

Though I can see how people do get upset over these things, they are not life or death kinds of decisions to make.
If -you- want to make a special day of something, it is on -you- to do so.

Of course, if it isn't just something like forgetfulness or terrible sense of time, and it is just not being interested in it, you can always -talk with him- about this. Perhaps he feels it isn't important to you, because you've never made a big deal about it, or something. [unless you have, in which case, again, back to the probable other reasons]
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