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Originally Posted by sisterinlove View Post
Perhaps, for me, the best perspective to have is that a label can help to explain (not define) a portion of who I am so that others can understand. There is no one label that can truly explain the whole of an individual and their situation, except perhaps "complicated." So when someone comes along and gives a different view or invites me to something that does not comfortably fit my own view of that label, I can just smile and shake my head and say "Not really my thing, but thanks for thinking of me." No judgement, no distaste, and something new to ponder so that I can understand myself a little better.
I think this was wonderfully said !
I was particularly struck by the (my) BOLD statement.
But I relate to the simplicity of this outlook as it gives room for all the inherent variables but also leaves open the chance for some introspection.

Thank you

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