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I get it, but the thing is that I'm not actively in pursuit of anyone. I am not actively looking, but that isn't exactly working for me. I'm open enough about being poly, I'm not shouting it out to the world but I'm not keeping anything hidden either, it's just who I am. It's not as simple as quit looking and be yourself, because I'm not spending a hell of a lot of time looking and I am myself. Trouble is that I want to pursue people but I feel like that would be unfair and a waste of time anyways. My trouble is that if I have feelings for someone I don't want to find an excuse to let on that I'm poly, so then that person thinks I'm mono, so they may think there's no possibility. Being poly doesn't exactly come up in conversation, people just assume you're mono. I'm not going to run around telling everyone I'm poly, that's not how I roll. If it comes up in conversation, or if someone wonders where my wife is at when I have people over, etc. I'm not going to beat around the bush about it, she's out with her boyfriend. Trust me, I'm not chasing anyone around, I'm super casual about who I am and what my life is. I'm just getting tired of nothing happening.
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