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Default dropped in for a little bit of venting

I pop in now and then, I enjoy a few messages and get a pain in my gut from some... I almost wanted to request a certain member block me so I will never have to deal with him... reading how people disagree, tells a lot about the person they are... wanting to pick on what people say-saying "I am not going to respond any more" (paraphrase) and then there he is on the thread again ...sigh...

I am not a newbie to having to share my life, every party of my existence is shared with my sisters... I am a gay-FtM transgendered, dissoiative bigendered female bodied- lesbian etc etc what ever... my male life partner works 14 plus hours a night... is here and awake only a few hours a day and weekends...

I get lonely... and it does not feel real safe here.

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