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Jillb, welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by jillb069 View Post
I haven't told my family yet about my new ways, but they've already been through my gay coming out of the closet, I don't think this will phase them.
You may be surprised - I was very surprised to find some friends of mine who were very open to same-sex relationships felt very awkward when I "came out" to them as poly. Said it was against their religious (catholic) beliefs....

Can someone point me in the direction to more GLBT poly area of the site or a good gay ploy site???
I, also, would like to think that you can discuss any issues you have or questions or whatever in the general forum boards - I think that you will find people more open that in most society, at least that's been my experience, and I hope you find the same.

There is a "Social Group" set up for GLBT polys on here - Look for the "Community" link in the forum menu bar, and pick "Social Groups". You should be able to find one called "Gay, Bi-, Queer Poly" which you can join. And looking just now, I see you have already found it and joined.

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