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when i first stepped into the world of bdsm, i was convinced I was a submissive. i love strong, confident men; I like to cater to the pleasures of those men in bed and out. Then one of the first dominants I ever dated said one day "Darlin, you don't have a submissive bone in your body". And he was mostly right.

I know people who want to switch roles (in fact, they are called 'switches'-that would be me) and some who realize that what they first thought was their nature really was not.

And i have known people who,for whatever reason, have decided they no longer wish to engage in the bdsm lifestyle. I like it, enjoy it but for the most part, think i could live without it. Some people meet others and fall in love outside the bdsm community and move on to their happiness (altho i suspect they figure out how to get the new love to give a good spank now and then ).

From what you have posted, OP, i wonder if he hasn't met someone else and wants to keep you hanging on while he explores the new relationship. Just a feeling I get.
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