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Default Since it got to the point where you need to block me

No matter what the reason, then I have gotten out of line and that's not OK to be so disrespectful once another person feels the need to block another. With few exceptions, there is nothing that warrants me behaving in a way bad enough to be blocked. Making people uncomfortable to the point where they block or leave the site is just wrong.

The problem with detecting the type of multiple accounts that this site does not allow will always be problematic as it isn't as easy as looking at IP addresses as protected networks can have computers on the inside which can have non-routable addresses, with Virtual Private Networks two computers "inside" a protected network can be at opposite ends of the globe. I am also sure that the site administrator does not want any legitimate accounts accidentally getting shut down. There is nothing wrong with the system here at and their steps taking to prevent sock-puppet accounts. Nothing works better than admins who do not abuse their authority and the only truly successful way for everything to run smoothly is when users can be trusted to willingly obey a code of honor.

I was out of line to make such accusations of accounts here, and really shouldn't be using any site but my own to offer unsolicited opinion of other places on the web.

I should have kept my posts more focused on relevant topics, which here was that I believed there were instances where the OP was unfairly attacked. It seemed to me that the harsh tones were reactions to behavior that the OP wasn't even participating in nor held that point of view.

Which was not at all what I had communicated.

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