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Default Wrong Name!

Hi everyone, first post here.

My wife and I recently realized we were polyamorous (after swinging had not given us what we were looking for) and decided to open our marriage to polyamory. We hoped we would find a triad or quad, but having done the research on responsible non-monogamy we did not expect to.

We did! Another polyamorous couple, in fact. All four of us are building romantic relationships with each other, and it's working fantastically so far...but so much work!!!

So, last night in my sleep I rolled over and spooned up to my wife, kissed her on the neck, and called her the wrong name. Oops! She woke me up, laughed and told me what I did.

There doesn't seem to be any hurt feelings, though I may get picked on about it.

Anyone else experience this? Is it common? How do you deal with it if feelings *do* get hurt?
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