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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Somegeezer, you are always welcome to comment on my blog thread if you ever feel moved to do so. Although right now it isn't very interesting, as a lot of things in my life are in limbo at the moment. But I won't lock the doors! I've always loved reading your perspective on things.
I actually read your blog often. I find it very interesting. I've just never found anything particular that I feel would be worth adding. But know that it it interesting, and I am reading! =D

Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
Feel free to jump into my blog too. Nothing much is happening in my life so its kind of introspective but feel free to join in if you want to. IP
I've also read your blog a little. Although it's not often I see posts from you around the forum in general. But your posts are quite often interesting to read, too. =]

Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
... and you can talk on my blog, too

I agree that not all blogs lend themselves to 'chatter'. But I always enjoy when someone comments on mine, and that always makes me think "I should engage in the other blogs more" and then I don't, so I understand where you're coming from!
I don't think I've ever come across your blog, but I will certainly check it out, now you've invited me.

I also find I tell myself to do a lot more of something, and end up doing less, or never starting. Or I do a lot of it in the beginning, and fade back. Comes with the personality, I suppose. Annoying, oftentimes.

Originally Posted by evad View Post
Count mine as an open one too. If I'm going to be an exhibitionist, I want people to watch.
and I don't believe I've seen much of anything of yours. Sorry! Though as you are fairly new, I'm sure I can get a free pass.
Again, I'll be sure to read some of your stuff, now the invite.

Hopefully I will find myself interacting more than just reading all of the stuff you guys write. It's just finding the right moments to squeeze myself into a conversation, and have it mean anything.
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