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Exclamation Looking for a few Spam Sweepers

There has been some interest in the amount of spam we have on the boards, and some have asked if they could assist.

Here's a chance to pitch in and assist in keeping the Spam where it belongs.

We're looking for a few people interested in becoming Spam Sweepers. Their role is to assist in sweeping the forum for spam and keep a watch on the reported posts. Sweepers will have limited Mod permissions for the purpose of spam control, focused on getting the spam out of the public eye as quickly as possible. The idea will be to un-approve spam posts that make it through the filters until such time as a mod can clean them up, or to approve legit posts that accidentally get caught in the filters.

The upshot? Be an anti-spam hero for the forum community and get the evil unsolicited advertisements away from the rest of the members.

The downside? You'll be able to see ALL the spam...not just the stuff that get's through the filters. Fair warning.

Anyone interested in helping out...can contact me via PM.

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