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Most polyshipping people are decent people. But that doesn't mean there are no wackos ever hiding in there.

It is normal when changing relationship models to have struggle and maybe experience some poly hell feelings. Could talk about it and tend to BOTH his partners decently through the transition time to the "new normal" that is stable. But he didn't, did he?

If he's just it it for his own cookies and no so much his partners? Be leery. He lies? To both of you? Leaves info out? Treats you pregnant this way? Blame shifts his poor conduct on to others? This is not a stellar dating partner, hon.

He's seems to putting you down and treating your poorly. I am not there. I don't know if there's more, but some of that conduct is def poor conduct.

If you have to wonder if you are being abused? Do you need an assessment tool? Here you go. Could measure his behaviors against this sheet. Specifically? Possible sections 1, 2, and 10.

Anything else ping there for you?

You are responsible for your own emergency preparedness. You could review his behavior with a healthy skepticism. That's no way to polyship or treat a pregnant person. That's for sure!

If he is indeed treating you poorly out to ABUSE level? You could make plans to leave. SAFELY.

Be careful.


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