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Originally Posted by leelee22 View Post

The other reason I want to be part of a v is that I was once married to a husband who had repeated affairs (probably 20+ different affairs). Neighbours, friends etc were constantly "revealing" them to me (often, taking wicked pleasure in my reaction). It was a shitty situation. I don't want to be cheated on and lied to ever again. I figure that if I seek out poly partners, then it's less likely that I'll wind up involved with that kind of person again.

Just a side note, the answer to stop cheating is not poly. Poly people can be cheaters too. Saying that you are in an open relationship doesn't mean there won't be cheating. There are people that aren't open or honest, that aren't going to be respectful of your boundaries or agreements made and will lie. Even if you tell them, "Hey, no rules but tell me. Don't care who you date or fuck, I just want to know." And can't follow that. So don't think that because you decide to be an open relationship or poly there will be NO lying or cheating at all.
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