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Hi all, and thanks... I glad to hear I'm not being unreasonable, because what i'm asking for doesn't FEEL unreasonable to me.

Dagferi, yes, I want to be one arm of a v. Maybe that does make me "not really poly", but I don't think so. It's just practical for me, because i have limited time (single mom with high-pressure job). I don't think I could do more than one partner justice and give them proper attention, and I don't really crave more than one partner.

The other reason I want to be part of a v is that I was once married to a husband who had repeated affairs (probably 20+ different affairs). Neighbours, friends etc were constantly "revealing" them to me (often, taking wicked pleasure in my reaction). It was a shitty situation. I don't want to be cheated on and lied to ever again. I figure that if I seek out poly partners, then it's less likely that I'll wind up involved with that kind of person again.

and, BoringGuy, well... I was going to say something defensive (other than to remind you I DIDN'T seek out this couple -- they are complete strangers and they contacted me out of the blue) but, actually, to your point, if there were such a thing as male sex workers who offered their services to women (and why the heck aren't there???), I would hire one on a once-a week basis and just give up on trying to meet decent men for the rest of the summer. I can't find out why I only attract the exact kind of people I don't want to attract.

Anyway, glad to hear I'm not looking for something that doesn't exist. Hopefully I'll get better at spotting the players at an earlier and earlier stage.
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