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Default Good to hear.

It's good to hear from you guys.

Airyn and I are not yet in the clear, but several things (important things) are getting better, or at least back on track. There's still a lot to work out.

While I have asked Airyn, and want very much to move forward, I still often find myself mired in the (recent) past. Airyn and I have talked about this here and there.

I'm still working on communication, and setting boundary's. Learning who I am now, today, and knowing what I want, how I feel, and if what I feel is valid (or appropriate) to the situation I am in.

So expect to see plenty of "oh things are good" followed by "This doesn't feel right"

I don't see Airyn's relationship with Chipmunk as healthy, I don't see Chipmunk as capable of having healthy relationships (at least not right now). I've told Airyn on several occasions that his relationship with her is toxic. Sigh. Things are different, Airyn didn't like hearing that from me, but couldn't argue about the obvious differences we are ironing out within our lives.

Hobby space:
In talks about Airyn wanting space of his own, a room that he can say is his, with his things, his art and such I learned something about myself.

That I want that as much as he does. Maybe it's resentment, but I also realized that His major hobby has always been visible, but mine has often been in storage. The times when I have made it a priority I still didn't have the "space" to be comfortable while working.

I asked Airyn when he and I were talking about the hobby space we are creating for me, when the last time was that I had a place to set up my sewing machines, and sew in comfort. Not cramped, sitting on the floor (which can be done if you are determined enough) or standing. He couldn't remember any more then I could. We talked about it extensively after that. I got very emotional, and I learned just how unhappy I have been with this, with out understanding that I was upset.

So the next day we went out and found a table to get my room started. Now I just need a way to get it here, it won't fit in my car. Probably end up renting something later this week, if My friend can't help out.
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