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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Talk it out.

Including if moving to a country where laws like this could affect you means you don't move after all because you do not want to be held accountable to laws like that.


Hang in there.
This shouldn't even be an issue or a worry. Just the fact that she even consulted with her ex about this and made no mention to me is almost enough for me to leave. If I find out that she/they did and just lied to me again, I'm out. They claimed they haven't done anything. Whether or not I believe that is up for debate. My wife knows divorce is still a real possibility, and if she wants to keep playing with me, she's going to lose. I offered to divorce her once. The next time there will be no stopping it.

I shouldn't have to watch my wife like a bird in the sky. In a normal marriage, you don't usually have to worry about your spouse doing this kind of stuff. She wants to attribute everything to my lack of trust. That's not true. It's not that hard. All she has to do is stop doing stuff she knows good and well she wouldn't do in front of my face and stop with all the secrets. If it has to be done in secrecy or behind my back, it obviously isn't right or ethical. It's not that I'm not wanting to trust her. She just keeps reminding why I can't trust her.

For every omission and act that she does, we start over from scratch. She should be tired of starting over.
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