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Default My story continued.....

So, here I am. Strong marriage, 5 kids, full time work in community development, high profile in a small town, full of love and disillusioned with religion. When did polyamory or bisexuality come into the picture?

I've always been attracted to girls. Even had little girlfriends that I kissed as young as 8. Tried to get my best friend to kiss me when I was 13/14. Had an intense, non-romantic friendship for years with a girl who eventually came out as a lesbian. We gave each other massages and held hands, cuddled, and always thought it was so funny that people thought were were dating. Well, duh! If I hadn't been with FJ, and stuck up on a "Christian" view of what sex should look like, we probably would've ended up dating.

FJ and I have been very honest with our sexual wants, needs, desires, etc. for the past 7 years. We got into some really great convos about my bisexuality and my desires. Eventually it turned to communications about exploring my sexuality with a woman, which he was entirely comfortable with. I guess at this point, I didn't really have an expectation of whether it would be in a relationship or just a one-time experience. It was an option, but in our small community it didn't seem like it would ever happen.

I developed a major crush on a close friend of mine. Dreamed of her, talked to FJ of her....I had it bad. Tried to tell her....and I'm pretty sure she got it....but no dice. She never expressed interest back. I eventually got over my hardcore crushing, but not my desire to be with a woman.

Enter MD. MD has lived in this area forever. She is a bartender, and so EVERYONE knows who she is. And I have never heard a single word that wasn't positive about her. She's friendly, but so private, kind, but a smart-ass, tender but so strong and brave. She's a single-mother to the cutest 4 year old girl ever, let's call her Bug. And gorgeous. Simply stunning. She has the longest raven hair, that swings nearly to her petite little ass and around her curvy hips. Her eyes bore straight into my soul, and her mouth is pouty and soft. Yeah...I have it bad for her. But her laugh, her smile and her love draw me to her most of all.

One night I had a really successful event, and we were texting and she was still out having drinks for a friends bday. I asked if I could crash the party, and she said sure. We all had a good time, laughing, drinking dancing and joking until almost 2am. She surprised the hell out of my by flirting like crazy with me. She kept telling me how hot I was, and how she'd fuck me all night. Actually, at one point she said she'd fuck FJ too....little did I know lol! She couldn't drive, so I said I'd take her home, and the owner of the restaurant (who we are friends with) said "Yeah, I'll BET you'll taker her home".

We got back to her house and she invited me in, and I certainly hoped for a kiss. I wasn't nervous, which is strange, you'd think I would be. But I was strangely calm, but with an intensity. We sat down and smoked, talking and laughing. Slowly, we started playing footsie. (typing that sounds silly, but it was electric just to have her touch me). I leaned over and lightly wrapped my hand behind her neck, grabbing her hair gently, and leaned into kiss her soft lips. I literally melted inside. She could feel me melt, and leaned back and laughed a little, then came back to me for more. I reached under her shirt and pinched her nipple and she gasped. Lots of touching, some incredible chemistry, and a couple of orgasms later and I made my way home at 3:30. Texted her when I got home that she felt amazing. I was giddy with excitement, and told FJ right away. He smiled and rolled back over to sleep. I was proud of myself and so excited to see her again.
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