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I get "sarky" when I get impatient.

I have not been "sarky", impatient, or upset in this entire thread.

I am, however, at my limit when it comes to the OP of this thread and their online persona. I am not now, and have I ever been, "accountable" to such an entity, nor do I expect to be in the foreseeable future.

That said, this thread was/is a good discussion to have. It would be super-groovy if the OP would try to participate in the TOPIC THEY STARTED, instead of following people around accusing them of having sock-puppets.

I request that "dirtclustit" be accountable for what they say. If they are going to hurl accusations, the least they could do is name names. Who are these sock-puppets you speak of? Remember, the moderators can see everyone's IP numbers, and they don't want sockpuppets here. You should click "Report" (the little red and white triangle in the upper right corner of each post) every time you see a post from one of these so-called sockpuppets. Then the admin can look into it and ban whoever is doing that.
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